Face Shield Mask

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CLIP19 - New Hamburg Ontario
The clips are 3d printed with SLS technology, much higher end and more sophisticated than 3d printers people know of (in fact, we were the first 3d printing company in CANADA! opened in 1996, same location in New Hamburg)
- because of how we print them and the Nylon 12 material we use, they can be cleaned with rubbing-alcohol, antibacterial wipes and can even be sterilized. In fact, we haven’t found a chemical that can damage them including gasoline!
- there is a short video at clip19.ca at the bottom of the page that shows how to assemble for those who need it
- the face shields can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, any glass cleaner (windex), no issues with peroxide (basically nothing oily/‘schmer-ie' or abrasive). I use a Walmart glass cleaner and paper towel or microfibre cloth
- face shields can fog up just like your own glasses so either move further away for your nose or sometimes it’s simply a change in temperature, in and out of cold, unavoidable
- the least desirable eyeglass arms are thin wire arms or really wide/thick ones
- We recommend that people dedicate one pair of frames just for the shield, that way it can last much longer vs. attaching and removing multiple times. they can even get a sheap pair of readers, sunglasses or those free 3d movie glasses and pop out the lenses