Fuji Nebulizer Diffuser

Fuji Nebulizer Diffuser

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White cracked ceramic with japaneses waves and glass

  • Diffusion duration: intermittent mode 5 minutes ON / 3 minutes OFF
  • Manual intensity adjustment
  • Recommended use: 20 minutes
  • Automatic shut-off after working 3 hours
  • Diffusion coverage up to 800 sq.ft
  • Lights: multicoloured
  • Dimensions : diameter 3.5 x height 9.7 inches

This diffuser is made of Noble material such as clear glass and ceramic shaping an elegant drop of water.

Source of life, purification and regeneration of body and mind, the delicate waves undulate in perfect harmony on these three symbols and bring an additional detail to this thoughtful design.

The final touch is the color-changing mode. It brings a beautiful dimension to the immaculate design and creates a luxurious aesthetic value to your decor.