Holistic Blend Grain Free Canned Pet Food CASES ONLY (not sold individually)

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Feeding Guidelines

All Life Stages Dog. Wet Only: 1/2 can a day per 6-8lbs of body weight. 
Wet and dry: Reduce dry by 1/4 cup for every 1/4 can fed. Adjust as needed. 
Refrigerate unused portions.


* Limited ingredients
* Real meat
* 95% Meat
* ZERO Glycemic index
* No Guar Gums
* No Carrageenan
* No peas
* no corn, soy or wheat




*Real meat, fresh not from frozen, is the first ingredient to give your pets the meat protein they need Grain-free meals that are ideal for pets with ingredient intolerance's (contain no corn, soy or wheat), 
*ideal for dogs/cats with food-sensitivity's There’s only one source of animal protein from premium local farmers Manufactured in Canada using locally sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers
*Maintains body weight
*Nourishes the digestive tract
*Supports healthy skin & coat
*Slow cooked at low temperature


***Why we aren’t using Gums and Carrageenan in our canned food blends:

Most Guar Gums are actually derived from Soy. Some people will argue that Guar Gums are natural, which they are, but in holistic pet food Soy is one of the main things we want to avoid. Soy is a very common allergen in pets, which My healthy pet has always avoided in dry food formulas. Guar Gums have also been

shown to cause digestive issues in animal.

Carrageenan is another naturally sourced ingredient, but is non-digestible. It is destructive to the digestive system which has been know to  trigger immune response similar to pathogens such as salmonella.

The results are intestinal inflammation which can lead to ulcerations and bleeding. It is also known to be carcinogenic and is  banned for use in many countries around the world.